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ictoria Menifee is the Founder + CEO of several businesses to include The GovEdge,

Academy of Kleening, Inspire Learning Company, Level Up 2 Success & Black Legacy Investment Group. She Founded + CEO of the women’s business empowerment Podcast Her First Million and is one of the most sought after entrepreneur coaches, having built several successful on-line schools + consulting businesses. She has been in business for over 15+ years and and is based in Washington, D.C.


In 2023 she launched Her First Million : the new, premier network for women entrepreneurs generating 7-Figures in their businesses.

She has over thousands of followers via her sites, social media channels, and Her First Million® Radio show on iTunes. Victoria’s consulting & on-line courses and mentorship has allowed others to following in her successes.

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Over the last 15 years, Victoria has advised helped nurture businesses that have reached the top 2% of revenues in the nation for women entrepreneurs.

She has helped her clients grow their businesses to scale, increase their revenues by millions of dollars, birth new brands, make high level connections, gain major media appearances, and more. But even more so, her clients say her advisory has helped them become the leaders they were always meant to be.

Victoria is a true business leader and advisor—one who has gone on to assist with helping those also in her community as an philanthropist as well.

Entrepreneurs choose to work with Victoria because she isn’t locked into a specific formula, and instead advises each client on a truly individual basis. Her vast experience and perspective working with clients in a variety of industries over the years – as well as from taking her own companies through many variations – brings an uncommon edge. She helps her clients look beyond their industry formulas, spot hidden opportunities, identify and prepare for unforeseen challenges, and position themselves incomparably for a totally game-changing experience.


Victoria Menifee always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was the age of 5.  After graduating from FAMU & University of MD, enjoying spending 8 years in the United States Air Force Victoria was ready to begin her career with Ernst & Young, Inc. while in Atlanta GA she opened her first clothing boutique. While she loved working with a great company like E&Y the fast pace and variety of new clients she met daily, working as a Forensic Accountant, she knew that working as an entrepreneur also was her vision and dream and begin her second business after moving to Orlando, Florida.

Then, in 2005  Victoria  made the decision that changed her life forever. “It finally dawned on me I should be an entrepreneur and create a legacy that will be here long after I am gone. From the point on Victoria has birth several companies and has gone on to scale a few of them to 7-Figures.


The moment when Victoria realized her risks would really be rewarded was when other women she met inquired about her success. They asked questions like, “How do you market yourself? How do you get clients? How do you use the Internet? How do you keep going when you feel like giving up?”

She began to teach all she knew. Victoria’s following gained, and her expertise grew well past online promotion into marketing, business, and success strategies for entrepreneurs. Her offerings expanded into online courses and programs, then live seminars and events, and then into private mentoring and consulting.

And while her clients always included both men and women, she decided to devote her venture to help more women business owners take their businesses to scale. “Less than 2% of women-owned businesses break the million-dollar mark,” she explains. “I wanted to help change that. Not only help them surpass that mark, but well beyond. Because that’s where they can really make a huge impact in their industries and beyond.”


In 2014, Victoria launched her award-winning Her First Million® Radio show, which quickly shot to the top of the podcast charts in several categories. The only show of its kind for entrepreneurial women, it exclusively features prominent female founders and leaders. Recent guests have included Orange Theory founder Ellen Latham, Wall Street legend Sallie Krawchek, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, corporate leader Beth Comstock, creative icon Julia Cameron, Birchbox founder Katia Beauchamp, celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, Vicky Tsai of Tatcha skincare, Paige Adams of Paige Denim, human rights activist Zainab Salbi, and more.


In 2017, Victoria debuted her annual private ‘ICONIC with Victoria Menifee workshops, which cater to a more specific client: The women entrepreneur generating or on track to reach $1 million+ in annual revenues. These closed-door retreats are application-only to attend and have become a de facto ‘rite-of-passage’ event for the game-changing women leaders who fly in from all around the world.

And in 2020 — after experiencing a lack of solid networks for women at the higher levels of revenue — she launched The Black Legacy Investment Group the new, premier global network for women entrepreneurs generating 7- and 8-figure revenues, featuring access to exclusive events, special guest advisors, and more.

Behind the scenes, Victoria  still advises and consults on the businesses of several of the female entrepreneurs you see 

thriving today. She has helped her clients increase revenues by millions of dollars a year, birth new brands, monetize their messages, create lucrative programs and trainings, host moneymaking seminars and events, reposition themselves on the higher-end of the spectrum, connect with other leaders in their industry, gain media appearances, and more. Victoria & long with one of her coaches were so influential that she was featured her in its piece “How Mentors Make Superstars”.


Victoria’s  philanthropy has been recognized over the last decade via awards, media, and exclusive opportunities. She is a recipient of several awards including FAMU Women helping Women Award.

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