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Orlando, Florida November 7-9, 2024

A private, restorative gathering for women entrepreneurs… designed to help us re-think, re-vitalize, and re-strategize as we near the end of 2024.

For many of my current clients (as well as myself), intense change has been in the air. And it has been for the last few years.

Business shifts, such as dramatic changes in revenue models, selling their companies, or launching bold new initiatives. And personal ones, like moving on from certain relationships, deciding to live somewhere totally different, or even starting everything over anew. 

You name it, and they’ve either recently been through it, are going through it, or are planning on it. It’s a time of transition for all of us – especially women leaders in their 40s-60s.

And then there’s the external shifts all around us. Do you feel the “quickening” right now? Change is happening at a faster pace than ever before (at least in recorded history), and new forces like A.I. are coming at us fast… shaking us up to heighten our game, and remember and reclaim the gifts of our humanness. 

This has all been building to a head for the last several years, and we’ve been feeling it. 

Starting in 2019. I began leading an annual fall event for female leaders to gather, share, process, and plan their next bold moves. My renowned Leveling Up 2 Success conferences were designed for high-end women entrepreneurs to come together, disrupt themselves, power up, and leave anew. These gatherings were a blast and had a high-energy feel to them. 

A space where we could all really get to know each other, spend time together, and support each other in sorting through where we’ve been, who we’ve become, where we’re at, and what comes next.

An experience designed for women who: 

  • Have already reached much of the success they’d envisioned, but know there’s more. 

  • Have become more discerning and clear about what they are interested in, and not.

  • Know that this particular “creative cycle” may be coming to a close, and it’s time to open up to something new and fresh – before they get too bored or burnt out.

  • Feel something BIG may be brewing, and know they have to gift themselves the space and time to blossom and fully receive it, as well as get support around it. 

  • Have been in business for several years (at the least) and are generating revenues generally over the $300K mark.

If any of this has resonated with you, I invite you to apply to join us in ORLANDO. Here’s what the experience will be like…

>>> First, a Private Intro Call With Me

Before we meet, you and I will have an individual call so I can get to know you personally, learn more about your business and thoughts and where you are headed. We’ll dialogue and I’ll give you some things to think about before the gathering; perhaps some ‘homework’ as well. 

>>> Event Day 1 is about reconnection

In the late afternoon, we’ll be gathering for a welcome reception and private dinner to get to know each other, as well as lay the foundation for the following two days. I can promise our group will be a nice mix of women from different industries who will each be bringing something unique to our table — I typically attract very accomplished leaders who are soul centered, grounded, and generous.

>>> Event Day 2 is about reinvention

After an optional early morning hike, we’ll gather in our meeting room to work through sessions surrounding what we want to move away from and what we want to move toward. I’ll be debuting some new models of growth I’ve been working on, and posing some pointed and profound questions to think through and discuss. We’ll get clearer and clearer on what we want to create next, and then end with some free time together later in the afternoon.

>>> Event Day 3 is about re-strategizing

Using the clarity and direction that arose during the previous day, we’ll map out where we want to go from here… and all the possibilities. We’ll get clear on what needs to happen next — and more importantly who we need to BE — to turn that page for good into that next chapter. This day is about strong support and holding each other to the visions and plans we declare. We’ll end with a celebratory cocktail (or mocktail!) signifying our shifting into the new.

>>> Then after, a private wrap-up call with me

After we meet and have returned home, we’ll have an individual coaching call together to solidify your ideas and plans, answer lingering questions, and provide guidance on where to go next. 

Our goal? To leave with incredible new connections and revelations, re-ignited for our next great chapter of this lifetime.

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